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Science Concepts  >  Activities  >  Matter  

What is Matter?
The Air Catcher
The Bottle and the Bag
Pour Air Under Water
Keep Paper Dry Under Water
Empty Box Candle Snuffer
The Refusing Seal
The Plastic Ball Airlift
The Balancing Balloons
The Ball that Gains Weight

Observing and Measuring Matter
The Funny Water
The Different Clay Sticks
Is the Crown Made of Pure Clay?
Can You Make the Clay Float?
A Density Dilemma
Rainbow Straws
Float the egg
Coke and the Candy
Sum of the Parts
Measuring Mass

States of Matter
Can the Container Hold More?
The Shrinking Balloon
The Shrinking Mixture of Liquids
The Clinging Water Streams
The Smaller, the Stronger
Pour Water Along the String
Where does the Cork Float?
How many pennies can go in?
The Detergent Propelled Boat
Kids as Molecules
Pouring Gas
Sticky Water
The Shrinking Mixture of Liquids w/ Measurement
A”Mazing” Water
Cheesecloth Demo
Magic Pepper Sinker
Merging Streams
Pour Water Sideways
Where does the Cork Float
Magical Drops
Propel the Boat

Changes of Matter
The Vanishing Ice Cube
The Disappearing Liquid
Cut Through Ice with a Wire
Heat Water Above its Boiling Point
Walk Though a Hole in Paper
The Blue and Red Cabbage

Basic Chemistry
Make milk from water and oil
Dissolving sugar
Heterogeneous mixtures
Solutions, Mixtures and Chemical Reactions