Processes of Life - Human DNA Base Pairs

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Tab 2 – Characteristics of Living Things
Wind-up toys
Please Pass the Bread

Tab 3 – Plants
How do Seeds Germinate?
The Bending Plant
How does Gravity Affect Plants?
What do Green Leaves Breath Out?
How is the Green in the Leaves Produced?
Can Air Enter Through Leaves?
Grow Sweet Potato and Carrot
Make a Red-Blue Carnation
A World in a Bottle
Does the Color of Light Matter?

Tab 4 – Animals
Several listed but no activity handouts are given

Tab 5 – Human Body
How Fast can you React?
How Fast does your Heart Beat?
How do we Breathe?
Drinking while standing on your head

Tab 6 – Biomes and Ecosystems
Building an Ocean
Several others listed but no corresponding sheets