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DNA Picture for Matter Laser picture for Energy, Force, & Motion Volcanic Eruption for Processes that Shape the Earth Blue Globe for Earth & Space Base Pairs for Processes of Life

Science Activities
Science Activities are ways to demonstrate a concept using all the senses. It allows the students to apply the knowledge that they have learned in a hands on fashion while generating additional interest in the topic being presented. Participating in hands-on activities also promotes in depth understanding of new material, allowing students to see and experience a new concept.

Lab write-ups:
Hands-on activities can help enhance student comprehension of text, but unless students are able to explain what happened, why it happened and relate the activity to what they are reading, the activity loses its purpose. There are two forms of lab/activity write-ups: the short form (enhances comprehension), which is a verification of a concept, and the long form, which is an open inquiry (scientific experiment).

Example Templates
Hands On Activity/Demonstration Journaling Sheet
Science Activity Write-Up