Energy, Force, & Motion Picture - Laser Light

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Get the Egg in the Glass
The Balloon Race
The Straw Rocket
The Funny Marbles

The Invisible Glue
Rolling Uphill?
The Falling Pennies
Will Paper Fall Like a Stone?

Which One is Heaver?
Tilt a Heavy Load with One Finger
Is a Hammer a Lever?
Does a Book Have Energy?
Does Water in a Lake Have Energy?

Thermal Energy
Warm a Bottle by Shaking
The Confused Bottles
The Coil Candle Snuffer

The Coat Hanger Church Bell
The Soda Can Telephone
Which Amplifier Works Best?
The Reversing Pitch
The Straw Oboe
Pluck a Rubber Band

Make a Pinhole Camera
Funny Reflections
The Swollen Finger
The Reappearing Coin
The Invisible Penny
The Water Drop Magnifier
The Broken Pencil
Make Rainbow Colors
The Confused Flashlight