Propositional Concept Mapping

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These are questions you may consider when building your concept map.

1. What is the same? What goes together?
2. What is it? What does it consist of? What does it contain?
3. Where does it come from?
4. What does it do?
5. How does it do it?
6. What causes it? What affects it? What is it influenced by?
7. Does it produce something?
8. Does it have forms, types or properties?
9. What can it be classified as?
10. What are the details?
11. What are examples?

Connecting Words for Propositional Concept Maps


are changes is independent of
are either combines with is a combination of  
are grouped by is connected to is considered
are obtained from contains is determined by
are represented by is created by is influenced by
are under creates is like
are found only in depends on leads to
are based on describes makes up
can also be called is divided into means
can be exists in is measured by
can be described as/by   has as an example   occurs in/by
can be either is found in refers to
can be expressed as goes from requires
can be used in has results in
can represent have a total of
is categorized by is identified as
causes includes